550ms of pure analog delay.

Echolette MockupEcholette. A delay effects box with over 550ms of pure analog delay with the addition of optional modulation and vibrato . Based on the Electro-Harmonix Deluxe Memory Man, this is a great sounding take on a classic guitar pedal.

I used the Dirtbag Deluxe PCB from MadBeanPedals, a great supplier of printed circuit boards based on all types of effects circuits. This was a much more complex project to complete due to the amount and density of components. With the scarcity of the original BBD (“Bucket Brigade Device”) I relented to finding a suitable replacement in the MN3205. This also allowed me to operate the unit with a 9v power supply.

EcholetteI painted the enclosure a two-tone combination of silver and yellow. I added a bit of matching flair with a switch cover in the same accent colour. An original version of the Echolette logo was used to pay homage to this great piece of gear. The decals were applied using waterside decal paper printed on a laser printer.

At it’s core, Echolette is a warm sounding delay and chorus/vibrato guitar pedal. Crank up the delay and feedback and it turns into a machine degrading your signal into a dirty response that will repeat for days. You can play around with the controls and options for hours and always find a new sound.