Designer, Developer, Educator and Entrepreneur. Passionate about crafting great ideas into inspiring realizations.

about me

Sitting at the intersection of design, development, and creative strategy. I am uniquely positioned with excellent technical knowledge and a keen eye for the beautiful things in life. My philosophy is straightforward. "Make it simple. Make it beautiful. Make it work”.

Wordpress Specialist

wordpress specialist

Custom themes, plugin development and website administration. Let me help integrate Wordpress into your next project.

Front-End Developer

front-end developer

There is an art to bridging server-side development and user interaction. Working with html5/css3, JQuery, I breath life into great designs.

Interaction Designer

interaction designer

Sometimes I just need to get my hands dirty. Utilizing devices like the Arduino, Raspberry Pi or analog circuits, I build things that move and make noise.



Sometimes you need help navigating a new endeavor or large project. I am your ideas best ally.

selected work

My creative work doesn't always start at the screen or end in your hands. My tools can vary from pixels to pliers, swatches to solder, digital to physical. I simply like to create beautiful, functional things.

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Thilo Schaller Logo
The Merchant of Spice
Luxury Living Resort
Exotic Instruments Template
Retrograde Stompbox
Oricon Group
Sketches 2012


My interests, hobbies and creative work are vastly different and span a multitude of mediums. So do my notes. Check out what I've been interested in lately.

Chris Morris - Studio One

Studio One: Thinking out loud

It’s been a little over three years since I started working for the University of Lethbridge in the Department of Music.

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A Different Kind of Design

What started as a simple DIY Tube Screamer project has exploded into 22 hand built guitar pedals of all shapes, colors, textiles and functions

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Projection Mapping

Projections of the Future

I’ve recently become infatuated with the art of projection mapping. After witnessing amazing installations bring buildings to rubble or 3d objects to life, I had to know how it was achieved.

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Hand Wired Tone

Hand Wired Tone

If you were to ask my father, some of his “fondest” memories would be of me taking his electronics apart. Of course then, I didn’t know how to put it all back together.

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