About Me.

I'm Chris Morris, a Technical Engineer based in Alberta, Canada. I build solutions to complex technical problems and develop tools to help people express their creativity.

Since 2009 I've managed the technical operations for the Department of Music at the University of Lethbridge. I am responsible the design, operations, and maintenance of the audio research facilities, recording studios, and labs that support our educational programing.


What I Do

Solutions Architect

World class recording facilities. Educational classrooms and labs. I create solutions for complex technical environments.

Code & Script

Python, PHP, SQL, and JavaScript. BASH et al. Code & Script always finds its way into my projects and workflow.

macOS Admin

I manage individual and lab-style fleets of macOS and iOS workstations in a post-secondary education environment.

Web Dev

Server-side administrator. Wordpress Monster. I design, build and deploy websites.

Audio Engineer

I work with musicians. Manage & maintain recording studios. Repair modern and vintage audio equipment. I also like to build guitar pedals and preamps.


Sometimes your project just needs a lifeline. Another perspective. I can help rescue your project.

Music. Audiobooks. Podcasts.

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